The best gifts I have ever received are those that were made for me. Whether it was a home-made cake, a stunning pair of earrings (crafted by my daughter) or the great home-made spaghetti dinner a neighbor would send over a day or two before Christmas; these are remembered well after the sweaters & gift certificates are long forgotten.

One of my favorites is a wonderful little book made for me by my brilliantly talented friend Gloria Ward.


She is a craftsperson. When she started scrapbooking she created delightful books for our circle of  friends. In it are photos of  our small group of gardeners and some of the memorable moments we shared.

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Margaret, Gloria, Phyllis

I received mine over 6 years ago. I treasure it still and it holds a special place in my home & heart.

With this in mind, my oven is working overtime!


Top photo from the one and only Carolyne Roehm


2 thoughts on “THE BEST GIFTS

  1. Those cookies look delicious!

    I’ll be baking tomorrow, and there will be plenty to spare to give away to friends and family. My recipes for traditional Christmas cookies come from my Grandmother who used to have to feed a large family, farm help and have some to spare for visitors, so even though I half the quantities her recipes always yield far too much for a two-person household – where one of the persons doesn’t like sweet things… (For instance, the Christmas cookie recipes are all for 2 kilos of flour, so just under four pounds – that’s a LOT of cookies, even when you half the recipe!)

  2. Dear Sandra,

    Completely agree with you that the thought and sentiment behind handmade gifts makes them the best. Your cookies look wonderful and am sure those receiving them will be delighted. And speaking of friendship, I am thankful for our blogging friendship…so wonderful to be able to steal away and stroll thru you beautiful and inspiring gardens here and to learn the thought behind your designs. Wishing you and yours a Joyeux Noel!


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