Blooming this month, a gracious plenty of camellias. The first time I heard this I totally understood what it meant. Basically it means  ‘a lot of ‘, but you must admit, it is a more gracious expression .


Have I mentioned before how I love the south? It bears repeating!



I love living and gardening in the south. Happy Holidays Y’all!


9 thoughts on “A GRACIOUS PLENTY

  1. That’s funny Sandra, I never thought about “a gracious plenty” being a southern phrase. Certainly grew up hearing it often here in NC. I love living and gardening in the south too. Your camellias are gorgeous.

  2. Ahhh – here in the closing hours of this December Monday, I am enjoying a late night “fix” that Sandra provides so beautifully. My “R. L. Wheeler” is in bloom now, I can look out my kitchen window to the neighbor’s fence right at my driveway and admire her abundant and beautiful sasanquas . Isn’t it wonderful that in December we can have something in bloom when parts of the country might be hunkered down in the cold? Our Georgia winters make us feel a tad less of a martyr when the heat of summer bears down. (and I love the snowflakes!)

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