The Golden Season is upon us. The quality of light has changed and there is more than a touch of nostalgia in the air.

The weather in Georgia is still fine; the daytime temps are mild with crisp early mornings and evenings.


While we cannot boast the colour changes of the northern states, there is still much to celebrate.

The early camellias are blooming……

and the salad garden is coming along….

Gardening may slow down a bit but it does not end. Still have to weed!

To see the name of the plants, hold your mouse over photos.


6 thoughts on “THE GOLDEN SEASON

  1. Isn’t fall such a beautiful season? I feel for those who live in areas where there is little or no fall color. My favorite time of the year without exception! Thanks, Sandra, for your lovely pictures and thoughts….

  2. Like you, we don’t get much in the way of fall color but oh, the light! It is a photographer’s dream. The best season, in my humble opinion 🙂

  3. You should see the orange bush I have in front of the house. As vibrant a color as I have seen on a maple in Vermont! ah the camellias, must talk to you about them for next year!

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