The Wordsworth Meadow is in full glory. The very first time I looked at this property, before I saw the interior of the house, I imagined this area flooded with sweeps of Daffodils “fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”


It was a privet and wisteria  jungle that took me months to clear. Then the planting began. the first autumn I ordered  500 bulbs recommended for the south.  The following year I planted more, but when spring arrived, only a fraction of the original planting returned. 


Does this look like 500 daffs? Today,this is what is left of the original planting.


Devastated, I thought my plan for this area would have to be abandoned untill I passed an old deserted homestead with a neat line of daffodils… big, fat,full clumps with many blooms. If these daffs could survive and INCREASE over the years….they were for me.


And so it began, sourcing,  digging, dividing and replanting.  Yes, I ALWAYS ASKED FOR PERMISSION.  I still regret those that were bulldozed to make way for a strip mall before I could find the owners.


There are no words to describe the joy these bring every spring as I watch them multiply over the years.

Do you think it was worth the effort?


8 thoughts on “THE DAFFODILS

  1. My one little daffodil in the garden of our new house is in bloom and I am ecstatic. We have woods like that in back of the house and I am dreaming of what that could turn into next Spring. It would be wonderful if you would post things to do to prepare the garden. It’s been so long since we had one I’ve forgotten all that needs to be done. Since the house was for sale for so long nobody cut off the old blooms from the hydrangeas. Is it too late to do now?

    I will send some pictures of the backyard and would love some suggestions!!!

  2. Oh, yes, Sandra – – those “ditch” daffodils will outdo any pricey ones ordered everytime – – I have some of the little small cupped ones right now blooming in my back yard that came from the meadow in my family’s old family cemetery in Jones County – my nephew keeps that meadow mowed but bypassed this clump for years until I finally dug them all up – I often wonder if they were planted at a worker’s house there on my gr-gr-grandfather’s plantation that has been in our family since 1840.
    I just today spotted a patch of ditch daffs near my home here and have plans to rescue them – they are on the right of way, no one owns that patch and they are going to be mine soon.
    Love your daffs!

  3. Very worth it. I love to see their happy faces each Spring, but especially planted this way. It reminds me of my grandfather’s estate and thousands and thousands of them blooming each year, all naturalized in fields and wooded edges.

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