This time we had to see if there was any damage in the garden. We had already heard the loud thump as a huge limb fell in the drive. Our guests thought it might have hit their car, which it did not…. but not by much!


This is the other side of the coin… gardening under trees can result in some damage in a windstorm. and these storms are not uncommon in Georgia.


Below,the evergreen planting of Viburnum awabuki ‘Shindo’ meant to hide the garden shed is ravaged! A large limb (not shown)  came down right in the middle of it.



 Some major pruning and clean-up, is now on my “To Do” list.

Still there is so much beauty out there I can hardly complain…


While Mother Nature is editing the garden……..


8 thoughts on “WINTER GARDEN WALK 2

  1. the camellias are perfect at this time of year-have an OLD one from my great grandmothers Clinton NC house-moved to my G.mother’s, to my fathers-to a house of mine and to the current one. It is an old pink one and has survived our Life and Death, something that makes it more beautiful-as nature continues its edit. What can still be pruned in winter? pgt

    • Nice to hear you have moved a family heirloom. That is a plant with history! As far as I know the best pruning should be saved for February, as it encourages new growth.. not a good idea this time of year.

  2. Falling limbs are inevitable as trees mature; even falling trees happen here. An unintentional pruning may encourage your viburnnum toward more lush growth, at least I hope so.

    That camellia is lovely. It’s been a better year for early camellias than last year.

  3. Time for pruning one way or another. We have been having wind and that is more uncommon for us and always bad for the trees at this time of year. We have be back and forth between ice and sun. I am always made to smile seeing roses blooming in January. Here, we wait and wait.

  4. love your sentiment that mother nature was editing the garden…I cut the last of my roses this morning…had some huge Sterling Silver blooms and also very large headed pink roses that I do not know the name of…getting ready to prune them next week…its is of the few things in Santa Barbara that marks the winter season as I have a variety of lavender that blooms year round, citrus in blossom and so on. Wishing you and yours all the best in 2012!


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