I have been saving these photos of a brick walkway for years.


Although it is a walk, there are benches on both sides so one can really appreciate the pattern.


Details like this keep a garden interesting in all seasons. 

I want it here!


Ahh …. the difference between the imagination and the reality.



  1. I love the brick pattern but it would be daunting to try to recreate it! I always enjoy your posts and feel like we’re neighbors in zone 7b. The inspiration photos and the reality can be very different but each has it’s beauty.

  2. Looks a lot like the work of Margaret Kerr who has been making ‘Brick rugs’ since the 1980s, or maybe Ms. Billie Harvey in southwest GA who has made brick walks of every fallen chimney in town for years. The city finally stopped hauling bricks to the dump and just brought them directly to Ms. Billie.

  3. Sandra,

    I love that! I had brick pavers installed on the floor of my front porch in a design of squares and thought I was pretty hot stuff. But that design is gorgeous!

    Funny story: I had the pavers put in my mudroom, too. I wanted them longways — the lenghth of the room — but sure enough, when I got home, the workman was laying them shortways. I made him pull them up and start over. Maybe I was a little too obsessive, but am so glad i did that. it would have bothered me forever!

    Your friend, Martha

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