Some areas of my garden are incomplete. The bones are all there, but the planting is far from ‘done’. For example, the lilies I have recently featured …


are a perfect companion to Hydrangea paniculata


however, they are planted on either side of the bench in my cutting garden and not together.


 So here is this gardener’s dilemma…do I dig up the lilies and plant them with the hydrangea or transplant the hydrangea? That’s a young gardener’s thought process.

 At my age I am thinking the easiest way to achieve what I would like, would be to strike cuttings of the hydrangea and plant them with the lilies. MUCH EASIER, the caveat being  TIME. It will take a few years to get the effect I am looking for.

Why isn’t life simpler? The young have both the time and energy…. need I say more?


5 thoughts on “A GARDENER’S DILEMMA

  1. How about this: make cuttings of the hydrangea and move a few transplants from the lilies. This way something will happen– you might get double the beauty. Your bench is a lovely focal point.

  2. This is such a lovely spot that I am sure either way you go will turn out lovely…I do know what you mean about waiting for the results…maybe tuck in some hydrangeas in pots while you are waiting for the results.


  3. Moving lily bulbs in autumn should be quite simple, no? Once they go into dormancy they are normally quite happy to be dug up.
    (They are not hardy here in Denmark, so my lilies are dug up each autumn and re-planted in late spring when all danger of frost has passed.)

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