For years I have wanted a greenhouse /potting shed /garden house/ conservatory…  any structure in the garden to serve the above purposes would do. Not to be confused with a tool shed, we have one of those.


Over the years , what I had heard from clients who built any one of the above, is that they were  expensive… One client calls  hers “The Taj” another “The Potting Chateau” … you get the idea…  

Then,  I saw the structure Susanne Hudson built in her garden. Soon as I saw Susanne’s Folly, I knew mine was within reach.


Susanne is one of those Designers who can make something  out of nothing!! She built this  conservatory with found windows.


Same idea as what Bunny Williams did with windows  & pilasters she rescued from a Hudson River estate. Below.


I had to work with what I had, the abandoned chicken coop (terrible story …. dogs chewing through wire… feathers everywhere…..heartbreaking!).

‘Thrown together’ by my husband and untrained labor when I was out of town (I’m apparently too ‘demanding’!)  It was the focal point in the Potager! I don’t even have a photo and believe me…that’s a good thing!

Last week  Susanne Hudson surprised me with a visit . As fate would have it,  she had WINDOWS  in her van and she left them for me!


Today  I am 8 windows closer to completing  my garden structure …. the BOTHY.


Edith Hope suggested the name when I posted a potting shed. She commented that it needed a tattered but comfortable armchair and tea making facilities. Then she would call it A BOTHY.

(A one room hut or cottage where unmarried male servants  lodged… Also an unlocked shelter where the wayfarer could seek shelter.)

I’m almost there!


8 thoughts on “THE BOTHY

    • Gaye, the main part measures 20′ x 15′ and the small annex, (foremost in the photo) which was the chicken run is 8′ x 10′. There is something special about the space, everyone who visits gravitates there.

  1. Marvelous! It should fill all your requirements. Too many gardeners spend their days wishing for what is out of reach without considering what can be.

    We let the scrap man take our old windows when we agreed the structure I envisioned was not going to happen in my old age. My Polycarb House meets my needs: warm in winter for plants, running water, electricity; a hangout for the cat, a gymnasium for the dog — her idea, not mine.

  2. I am remodeling a house in Decatur, GA and will be removing about 10 windows. These would be perfect for such a project. I can even build it for someone who might be interested. Let me know!

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