Black pools reflect the sky, clouds & trees. 


There are NO reflections with turquoise…..


Which do you prefer?

© All photos 2011


4 thoughts on “BLACK POOLS

  1. I used to think turquoise was such a beautiful color, until I saw your post. I never appreciated the beauty of black pools until this very moment. Excellent and compelling post.

  2. From a design perspective as an art piece, I like the black pool. But from a personal one of refreshment and cooling, you can’t beat the traditional blue.

  3. Definitely black for garden ponds & pools. Turquoise says swimming pool, sunbathing, and mai tais. The bottom photo looks like a swimming pool, somewhat out of place next to a lovely garden. The top pool is a lovely reflecting pond (I’m not crazy about the garden, though).

    I need to do more research before re-lining our swimming pool. I’ve read that black liners increase the pool temp several degrees, which would be nice in the early spring & late fall. But we don’t want a hot tub in the summertime (it practically is already, and it’s only June!) I’d love to see photos of swimming pools with black liners. Great post, BTW!! xoxo

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