In the summer,  Hydrangeas form the backbone of the shade garden, they will carry the garden through the summer and keep my vases filled as well.. 


In The Circle of Friends, the camellias are  now backdrop, and these beauties are showing  their stuff.


Most Hydrangeas are rounded in form. From a distance they are indistinguishable…                                                                                 

On closer inspection however……


many are quite distinctive, above Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Jogasaki’



The lacecap Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Lanarth White’ above.


Hydrangea quercifolia & Hydrangea macrophylla above. Although I do enjoy the delicate lacecap flowers, the big blue or white balls are certainly  eye-catching in the landscape.


Above, Oakleaf Hydrangeas mark the entrance to the Viburnum Court.

What carries your garden through summer?



  1. Everything looks wonderful, hydrangea-wise at your place.

    I should have just talked about the hydrangeas that did bloom for which I am grateful and left off the whine in my last post. Oakleaf hydrangeas are done here and are well into the turning tan stage.

    Crape myrtles and vitex will keep us in color. White crapes bloomed a while ago and are putting on the second round. Lilacina crapes are not yet blooming but in bud.

  2. My lavender is in bud, along with my nepata…favorites for the summer, along with the blue mop capped hydrangeas. I’ve successfully rooted a few new plants from late winter cuttings. Hoping to create a new hedge. Love the viburnum…thanks for the view! Trish

  3. I prefer lace-cap hydrangeas to the mop head ones. Grasses are the back bone to my garden, sadly hydrangeas dont do very well in my garden

  4. We love all varieties of ferns and hostas and have them scattered throughout our garden. They are so classic and are excellent as a quick centerpiece for a summer party.
    xo E + J

  5. Everything this year is blooming like crazy. Maybe it was the warm temperatures we had before Christmas when the daffodils started to come out. I had so many peonies I did not know what to do with them. And the hostas are huge in spite of the fact they are only 3 years old. Many blooms on the hydrangeas too.

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