The Gardenias are blooming! The fragrance is amazing. I follow *Margaret Moseley’s advice and have a Gardenia planted every 25 feet or so where conditions allow. According to Margaret the fragrance will permeate the entire garden. And it does.

Every Gardenia in my garden came from a bouquet she gifted me when I lost a bidding war over a  house. Turned out to be a good thing….that house was not right, and I got these fabulous plants!

* Margaret Moseley, Dear friend & famous Atlanta gardener, celebrating her 95th Birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Margaret!


10 thoughts on “SCENT-SATIONAL!

  1. Wow, I like that idea alot! I have a small yard and I’d love to have the fragrance of gardenias wherever I’m working. Some of my favorite plants come from cuttings or gifts from friends. Sweet.

  2. I can smell them now! So Southern and so fragrant – and a good idea to plant them at equal intervals, too.

  3. Gardenias are blooming in my garden as well. I want to pull a couple off the shrub to bring in the house but I can’t bear to. I love the scent while sitting on the swing!

  4. WOW…WHAT A TREAT… It was such a pleasure meeting you and touring your garden today. Thanks so much.
    Deborah S.

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