The moment I walked out the door I knew it was blooming.


Winter Daphne (Daphne odora aureomareginata)  the  most powerful fragrance imaginable. To quote a delivery person “That is LOUD!”


She is not hard to look at either. Fragrance reminiscent of Lilac…but more… and  hauntingly beautiful.

© All photos & text 2011


7 thoughts on “FABULOUS FRAGRANCE!

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a fragrance described as loud but I can think of a few smells where that sentiment fits quite nicely. I quite like the variegated edging on your Daphne.

  2. I love Daphne but sadly the first one I had just up and went – no warning, just one day I checked it out and it was all brown. So bought another one and mine is blooming, too.
    Don’t you think they rank right up there the very Southern “tea olive” – osmanthus frangans. But Daphne is a much more attractive appearing plant. Tea olive will give you the “fragrant” surprise, too, when you walk out one a.m. and find it is in total bloom.

  3. I think we really appreciate fragrance at this time of the year and as there are so few plants with fragrance at the moment they really stand out

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