Last day in January and there are signs of spring everywhere.


The  daffodils  (Narcissus) are coming up in the meadow…


and the Prunus mume  (Japanese Apricot ) is blooming!



I didn’t have my glasses, but you get the idea. Too bad one  can’t photograph the fragrance.

I know there will be more ‘cold snaps’ before winter releases us from her grip… but these signs that she is waning, gladden the gardener’s heart.

 © All photos & text 2011


7 thoughts on “SIGNS OF SPRING

  1. What a welcome post! And aren’t we all glad there now a few little hopes that this long, cold winter may be coming to an end?
    Thanks, Sandra….

  2. Don’t we love it. All of a sudden there are the strong Daffodil shoots. Summer here and we won’t see those until August. But the landscape is laden with flowers. Thyme, California poppy and the rest.

  3. Dear Sandra, lovely photos. We in the southern hemisphere are looking forward to autumn, yet there are real similarities. Autumn bulbs are already sprouting in the garden here, but there is no blossom. I love your leafy mulch.
    I am so pleased to have found your blog too, cheers, catmint

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