The weather has been beautiful this past week and there is no better place to spend these glorious days than in the garden.  Below, The Meadow gets its annual mowing.



It always looks so verdant after the cut. Next the Daffodils  will pierce the ground and spring will be back in a few short weeks! (always an optismist.)

The photography however, has not been very satisfying. Too much glare now that the canopy is thinning out. Guess I’ll have to try earlier or later in the day.


One of my favorite blogs is Edith Hope’s Garden Journal.  Her last comment made me realize that I need to show long shots of the property to give some context for the photos. So here are a few…


The front of the house, circa 1844. The meadow is to the right (east) below…



East side of the house from the meadow.


The east side of the house from the entrance to the ‘Camellia Walk’.

Backtracking just a few steps….

                                                                     The meadow terminates at the entrance to the Camellia Walk on the left and the walk to the Circle of Friends straight ahead.

Here you can see some ‘Garden Arithmetic’; the camellias form both one side of the Camellia Walk as well as the background for the hydrangeas on one side in The Circle of Friends.

The expression is divide to multiply your space!

I’ll continue the tour with better photos this week.

© All photos & text 2010


8 thoughts on “GLORIOUS DAYS

  1. Dear Sandra, These pictures have given me a really good idea of how your garden areas link together and how they relate to the house. As you say, the more that the space is divided, the more space one appears to have. I love the idea of a ‘Circle of Friends’ and now am intrigued to know exactly what you have planted there.

    Your house is so very attractive and fits so harmoniously into the landscape. It is the perfect focal point for your various vistas.

    And thank you, dear Sandra, for your most kind and generous mention of my weblog.

    • Edith, Thank you for the suggestion of showing long shots of the garden. Since the camera cannot see what the eye can they are less satisfactory than the close ups. I do agree however, that there was not much in the way of context which is so important. I am but one of your many many fans.

  2. Exquisite! and charming, too.
    There’s something about a very old house that creates its own persona – thank goodness, you rescued this one and
    have created so much beauty with it.
    I really loved the long views – and that meadow!
    Living on a city lot like I do makes me so long for more space to work with – – but where could I find the energy?
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Carolyn KD

  3. hi sandra,

    i guess i should thank edith for these shots. but i agree with her in that your house looks so perfectly suited to the landscape. how big is your property? it looks huge. and i didn’t know you were in an old house too. don’t you just love living in an old house? look forward to more pics.


    • Hi Janet. The property is over 6 acres and the older I get the larger it seems! I LOVE my old house with its 13 foot ceilings and heart pine walls & floors. More photos coming, thanks to Edith.

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