Blooming now


Camellia sasanqua ‘Maiden’s Blush’  above


Camellia sasanqua ‘Jean May’ above & below



Camellia sasanqua “Daydream’


Below, one of the Ackerman Hybrids,  C. ‘Winter’s Charm’



Does this look familiar? I posted on this area in spring when the Azaleas were blooming. This is the walk to the compost.

Dr. William Ackerman  of the National Arboretum crossed Camellia oleifera & Camellia hiemalis or C. sasanqua  to produce a plant hardy to 10F. If you live in colder climes…the Ackerman Hybrids are for you.

It has been said that the trinity of Southern Gardens are azaleas, hydrangeas & camellias. The latter two giving the longest show. These Camellias will bloom a full 6 weeks.  THAT, is a show!


The above beauty never had a nametag. AND speaking of a long show…


Some hydrangeas are still stunning.

On a personal note, the last weeks have been very difficult.  I will try to post more often in the future.

© All photos & text 2010


9 thoughts on “CAMELLIAS! CAMELLIAS!

  1. well the walk to the compost would have me composting every tiny thing i could just to get to the darn thing. gorgeous.

    i agree w/the holy trinity thing. i don’t think there are prettier flowers. yours are gorgeous. my camelias don’t bloom until december/january. i wish i had more of them.

    hope you have a nicer week ahead.


  2. Dear Sandra, The Camellias you show here are absolutely wonderful. The colours are lovely and they look so beautifully exotic and blowsy. As you say, this is a performance worthy of being on stage.

    I am so sorry that things are difficult for you at present. Do not try to do too much and take time to give yourself plenty of rest and relaxation if you can. Take great care!

  3. Gorgeous Cameillas, mine wont flower until the new year. Sorry that you have been having a tough time recently, hopefully things will improve

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