When I was planning my southern garden, I knew I had to have a Camellia Walk.


 Many years ago, when I lived in Massachusetts, I would regularly  visit the Lyman Estates. It was there that I saw my first Camellias. A visit to Mr Lyman’s greenhouses in February was an incredible sight. There were greenhouses where  grapes were ripening during winter, fragrant Jasmines & Daphne. One greenhouse was devoted to Camellias and they formed a spectacular avenue.   It was a southern garden in a series of greenhouses.

I know that this was where the seed for our move south was sown. I wanted to garden & live where it was possible to have Camellias bloom in the winter. I am by the way Canadian, a native Montrealer, so I am no stranger to long, grey, dreary winters. Below, my antidote…


  the entrance to The Camellia Walk …AKA …The Winter Garden.


 Truly Southern with its  swept dirt, curved path; it leads from the back of the house to the compost & (former) chicken house.

Underplanted  primarily with evergreen ferns & Lenten Roses  (Helleborus orientalis), it never looks bare even in the dead of winter. In fact, that is when it comes to life!


Stay tuned for more!

© All photos & text 2010


15 thoughts on “THE CAMELLIA WALK

  1. How few people understand Swept Dirt Paths are a LANDSCAPE DESIGN feature. A choice.

    Swept Dirt Paths are desirable, beautiful, nurturing.

    Have had to ‘sell’ clients the concept. I know you have too.

    Honey, yours are beyond fabulous.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Hmmm….camellias vs. -30 C. I think camellias would win. Too bad there are other factors keeping us here. The warmth and the gardens would be a big draw if it were up to me. Your garden looks so lush and beautiful.

  3. Ah – camellias! The very essence of a Southern garden – in spite of us all struggling with heat/humidity down here in GA., we can “do” camellias – and what a treasure they are in mid winter to pick some & float in a bowl – we do get lucky here being able to have our wonderful camellias.
    Carolyn K.D.

  4. Sandra, I love the look of those lovely winding paths into the trees. and of course, I’m truly jealous that you can have camellias in winter! We are getting colder here each day and soon the snow will fall.

  5. Great posting just love camellias. We found our first bloom today! Just a small Camellia sinesis (tea camellia) bloom. Loved that path and the hellebores!

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