Hydrangea paniculata looking particularly lovely…

 taking on its autumn hue


  So is Hydrangea macrophylla below.


AND I am loosing the groundcover war @ the Mourning Bench.                                                                     

Some critter is digging up all my transplants and I have to fix them every morning. I have resorted to laying chicken wire over the lot & hope it deters whatever. My guess is a racoon digging for the worms in the compost I spread.


 Perennials need so much maintenance.I think I remember why I thought the vinca could take over!! I cannot spend every day replanting & trying to save what has been dug up with so many other tasks to attend to. AND, I am directed to economise and unfortunately gardening help is very low on the list of priorities. Good thing is, I am getting into shape.

Moving on…

The Perilla I allowed to stay…


 MUST be out of here before it sets seed. So far I have loaded the ‘dump truck’ and I am not done yet.


It served its purpose ; which was to shade to roots of the clematis planted around the perimeter of this garden room.; and, with no effort from me , will return again next year so will the cleome. My garden philosophy is to let the self seeders do their thing.  I can look after the shrubs & clematis. When this part of the garden, The Viburnum Court, is between bloom & berries, the clematis, perilla & cleome really liven it up; then the perilla & cleome take over & keep it ‘furnished’ till the berries show.


What I did Labour Day Weekend… below


  I really like it , It just recedes into the background without calling any attention to itself.

 The To Do list gets another check mark.

And finally… more plants I will be rushing to banish before they set their seed. But oh, the butterflies & Hummingbirds.


not to mention I love the colours!!

© All photos & text 2010



  1. Dear Sandra, It is always a pleasure to be in your garden and to see what is new, what changes are being made, and to hear your thoughts on what is, for all of us, a project without end. How I sympathise with the problem you are experiencing of plants being dug up. I trust that the chicken wire will prove to be the solution. In London I always have to ‘net’ my plantings of bulbs against squirrels.

  2. Sandra – you might have an armadillo doing that nightly digging – I have one here now and what a pest he is. Has uprooted the 3 new roses I planted last spring totally! They look for grubs to eat (which have to be dug) and friend of mine who lives in country area said she put out Grub-Tec when she had such a problem to kill the grubs and it worked.

    Hummingbird vine? I agree they love it but I tell you – I planted one about 5 years ago and to this day, have the gr-gr-gr- grans coming up yearly – if only it would not self seed so freely? Wraps itself around my New Dawn rose with wild abandon and anything else they can find!

  3. Just when I am re-thinking my hydrangea plans (to do less of them) you show off beautiful photos of yours. Dang it. I am considering going native and focusing on oakleafs, and giving away at least half of my french hydrangeas. Too much to water you know.

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