One essential element needed in a garden is a place to rest, both the eye and the body.

Above, Luytens’ bench ‘Breaking Wave’  as focal point at the end of this axis. The strong rectilinear design draws the eye immediately to the bench.                                                              

Notice that the hedge has been clipped to mimic the shape of the back, thus reinforcing the design and creating unity. Superb!

This rectangular bench fits perfectly into this space. See the straight hedge behind ( needs some pruning) and the upright plants on either side . Notice too, that the beds  between which it sits, are also rectilinear.                                                                   

Another example of a bench perfectly suited to its enviornment. The repetition of shapes in several elements creates harmony. Circles in bench, pond & surrounding pots. The upright shrubs are also pruned into circular shapes.

A perfect fit! The niche is pruned in the shape of the bench.

So HARMONY is just as important as CONTRAST in landscape design.

(Benches are mostly used by visitors. Gardeners are much too busy.)

© All photos & text 2010


4 thoughts on “HAVE A SEAT

  1. Nice photos – I have plans to make a bench or two for my yard. Something else for my wish list. BTW, like your header photo of the hydrangeas.

  2. These are fantastic photos. So many great ideas going on here. I agree, benches are so important. I’m realizing I need seating in my yard so I can sit and contemplate design and beds as well as just enjoy being out of doors.

  3. Sandra, I have thought of seating as a vantage point on the garden (how does the garden look from here?), but I hadn’t thought about it as part of the garden. This was very helpful in shifting my perspective. Thanks.

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