Its travel season again.  If my passport does not get here in time, I will  be homebound. I am consoling  myself with  photographs from trips past & exercising a mighty imagination!

with Tara Dillard (left) above, we enjoyed this perennial garden which we entered via. . .

this opened gate, (above) we found. . .

along this wall.

Look at the perfectly edged Vegetable garden below. Can this be real? No mulch, that means constant weeding & cultivating!

Look at these gardens below. The English are masters of the ‘mixed border’.

Notice how the repetition of tall plants gives the  border  below rhythm, while the one above is colour driven.                                                                     

Ancient yews,

some clipped into fantastical shapes,

elegant balustrading punctuated by a pot on every pier. . .                                                              and  the incomparable countryside …                                                                      There must always be time for tea.

and more gardens. . .

featuring hydrangeas!! I know I promised no more … but these  are not mine and I can’t help that others find them as appealing as I do.

© All photos & text 2010



  1. How fun to have been in the same garden with you then see your shots today. I’m touring them again, but better.

    Your captions mentioning things from your vast store of knowledge.

    Poppet we can keep this kind of touring going. A pleasure.

    Odd, I don’t WANT to go to Europe this year touring gardens. Wanting my new conservatory built from windows at the dump. Oh, yes. Such a hunger for my own garden.

    Did you see that Fergus Garrett is speaking at ABG, Wed. Sept. 1 at 7pm? FREE.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. The countryside shots look remarkably like the area in which I live. The rolling hills with multi coloured farms is what I see out my windows.

  3. Sandra,
    Your blog is incredible! How do you find the time to blog and travel? My garden seems to take all my time, maybe in a few years? Anyway I am out to do my daily weeding.

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