Yesterday I ventured into Atlanta for one of the annual garden tours.

This year the majority of gardens were small  urban spaces, well-appointed  for outdoor living.


Above, a comfortable chaise in shade for reading and listening to the sound of the waterfall (below).



Festoons of ivy grace an otherwise nondescript wall along a driveway.


Lushly planted window boxes.


And below, a private putting green!


I will share more highlights during the week.


6 thoughts on “GARDEN TOUR

  1. How nice to afford such luxury in a big city. Can’t wait to go on these tours with you.

  2. As a lover of stone walls, I must object to your description of the “otherwise nondescript wall”! I would kill to have that beautiful wall in my garden. (Well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far, but I really do covet it!) The stonework in the first two photos is also very nice.

  3. If your pictures are any indication, it looks like it was a great garden tour. I have never seem ivy swags like that. It is a curiosity- I wonder how they got it so perfect- was it just for the tour or does it always look that pristine?

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