After the last post I got to thinking about how fortunate we are to have the  paintings that record the gardens of a vanished age and lifestyle.

As Lanning Roper* so elquently stated, “Gardens are so personal and poetic in their conception that their spirit dies with the owner.”

Jeklly recorded her gardens in the medium of the day. That new fangled invention… the camera.

Below, Jekyll’s photograph of the break in the flower border punctuated by Yuccas.

*Lanning Roper was an American landscape architect, commisioned by HRH Price Charles to help with the design of  Highgrove, the Prince’s garden in the Cotswolds.


One thought on “MONDAY MUSINGS

  1. I think that we can learn so much from the great North American and English garden designers. I am always amazed at the number of gardeners who do not know who Gertrude Jekyll, Sylvia Crowe, Russell Page or Lanning Roper are. Not to mention one of my favs of this century, David Hicks.

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